A series of poems written from 1987-1993



Winter Nights

The winter nights

so cold and deep

with God’s creations

fast asleep.

the wind a swirling

round and round

the snow covered branches

bending to the ground.

The moon glows over the fallen snow

waiting for dawn

to come and show

a new day.




Someone once said that I were happy

true love could be found

so lately I havnt frowned.

It’s funny how one little grin

can make me happier

than I’ve ever been.

If true love can me found

i’ll be happier still

well, I will be waiting for that day

No way, you say?

we will see,

   won’t we?



True Love

Here we are standing by the stars

knowing that the love we share is ours.

Above the moon

and the clouds

we are not bothered by the crowds.

Our love is true

we are hardly ever blue

it’s true.

I do love you.



The Dark

Sunshine is a wonderful thing

but sometimes it can kill

give you a big chill

The dark sometimes is evil

it lies in wait of death

no one ever will get any rest.

Not even the best

will ever beat the dark

Asingle lone Lark

can spark a light

in the cold




Find a way

A flower all alone shows

that any way it grows

it’s alive.

Than why is it that a human dies?

Can’t we live alone?

We cry and die just a little more

each day

Can’t we find a way

to live?

every day?



Life resembles a dream

once you know how

you can caontrol your destiny

just like you can control your dreams

your life can change in an instant

Dreams are jumbled

So is life

The wind can be gusty

So can your thoughts

The rain can fall

So can your tears

Dreams can turn to nightmares

Life can be going good

than turn just like a dream

Life resembles a Dream

and dreams can mean all sorts

of things.


Blessed be.


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