I am an introvert.

But here you can not tell.
I’m funny. Witty.
I am out of my shell.

I am an introvert.
I’m quiet, demure and shy.
Someone says hello to me,
I blush as i say hi.

I am an introvert.
Don’t ever say much
Talking? Are you kidding me?
No effing way.

I am an introvert
Unless it’s on the page.
Or by messaging since thats
All the rage.

Forever telling people
In flesh i am not the same.
No seriously! It’s true!
Laugh it up you guys.
Oh whatever! Pff

For me…here
Is where my light can shine
Maybe because i use
The voice of my soul here
Not my mind.

Maybe i have it backwards
Who knows…
I can’t tell.
All i know is that in person?
I’m quiet as hell.

So if you ever decide
To meet this girl someday
And all i do is give you an awkward
Hug, smile shyly n say hey.
Before blushing and staring
Off into space…

Just remember these
Written words
That i have written here today
And know that this extrovert?
Is just locked on the page.

💜 Luna.