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I Always Forget

I Always Forget.

I always forgot
and i don’t know why
That it’s so much easier
to believe the lie.

i always forget
that i care to much
about those who
in my heart
they ‘ve touched.

you’d think i wouldn’t be so dumb
trust, your not the only one.
yet here i am hurting
wiping the tears off my face.
wondering why i care so much in the first place.

I wasnt trying to fight
already did what was right.
just like i always do.
But this time i thought
well if you miss em
fight for yourself boo.


i always forget
that i care to much
about those who
in my heart
they ‘ve touched.

those few i truly call friend
that i stupidly open my heart for
to just walk right in.
That I’m so hurt is all on me.
i sound have let things go
just let them be.

life isn’t as simple as blck And white
sometimes it doesn’t pay to fight.
even if you have truth on your side.
people live their hard lives. it’s easier to just stand back.
it’s not that people don’t care too.
they just don’t care as deeply as i do.
maybe one day
I’ll remember that.
maybe one day
I’ll remember that

but odds are good
that I’ll care more than i should
get hurt once again
n wonder why i even have people
that i call friends.

becsuse well. ..

what is life?
if i don’t try?
even if it means
that once again

I’ll cry.

I always forgot
and i don’t know why
That it’s so much easier

to not try.


Phuking nice.

Do you think its easy

being so nice.  

You believing I’m weak

Because I return a stolen device.
Why so shocked to learn i made sure a girl got her cell phone back

after i realize the thief  needed a quick jack? 

my god? what’s so wrong with that?
do you think

I’m truly that dumb

that clueless?

 to not see? 

how you all laugh at me?
call me stupid straight to my face?

when everybody is yelling

spewing their anger and rage 

all over the place.
do you really think its easy 

to bring everyone down?

to try and make people smile

while they are tearing others down?
some days i hate you all 

and it wouldn’t take much

to revel in it all.  

yet no one wonders 

ever? at all?

Why i bother instead of saying fuck y’all? 
shake it off 

get called stupid and weak.  

watch as you walk away 

saying i only have myself to blame 
oh the thoughts i have 

as i watch you be so cruel

it’s nothing compared to what i can do

there wouldn’t be anything left

once i was done with u. 
there are those in this world

who can attest to this truth.  

you really should be thankful

that I’m nice to you.  
do not mistake me 

for stupid or for a fool 

as i watch you think 

how easy it is to step on me.

 I’m thinking your a tool.  
she won’t do anything!

she is to fucking nice! 

look i just stole from her and lied to her twice! watch i bet i can get her to give me her only meal! 

see? i told u! all she did was yell!

pfft whatever she’s a stupid girl …

well… hell… 
I’ll be the one waving 

a smile on my face.  

bye felicia 

i tried to help you. 

now… it’s too late. 

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