I’m Luna.

My life has been a hell that I would not wish on my worst enemy. (And believe me I have learned too much about manipulative soul….and yet.) When I was a little girl, all i had wanted to do was help others and be Just like Joe March from little women. 

Wouldn’t you know it? THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I BECAME. 

   Somehow over the years i kept taking everything that ever happened to me and used my pain to help others face what I had. Please trust me when I say I have gone through ALOT in my short life.

I used to love life.Until 3yrs ago when my entire life vanished I loved the fact that i was still alive. 

Now…now i appreciate life.I truly know just how precious it is, as i have died 8 times.(An Official stopped heart is an official stopped heart no?)

I’ve suffered though horrendous things, and I am still fighting.

But finally…

My mind  broke. 

Some days I no longer have a voice except through the photos I take. 

(They can be found at : lunathehomelessrose on instagram)

I want to share part of my experiences with you all.

but, well ….it’s not in order,  (what would be the fun in that?) and its told in song, photo and rhyme.

But first. Here are the bare bones of Me. 

So, I am Italian. American transplant . I Have two beautiful daughters who make me so very proud . They are both grown now .

  The man i loved for 18yrs became consumed by fear..which led to hate..

I’m in a big town with just my cat. And well… that is that. 

I have alot to share. For my story isn’t pretty and i wish it were not all true. But I made an oath to be true to me, and to you.

So…..Better get cracking!

Remember, Dying is easy. Truly living is the hard and rewarding part.don’t give up. Keep fighting.

Blessed Be My friends.



It’s a stange and fantastic world out there!