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She was dressed in cream
looked like a dream
He looked Debonair

In a garden
of green and red
they wed.

Thirteen years older
him I did help raise
man how I miss those days

I hated that I wasn’t in it
being part of their day
it just wasn’t meant that way
I guess.

Oh but how she looked beautiful
in her satin and pearl dress.
I was a mess.

I took off
across the street
to a little bar
in my high heeled feet.

slammed to doubles
yeah that was messed up
but I did not want to loose it
that would’ve been more fucked up.

I hate that it is part of me
that it hurt so bad
that i wanted to flee

But the look on his face
I can never erase
because he was so darn happy.

Than later on.
He looked for me

right as they walked in the door
we caught gazes
as they crossed the floor

I knew then
I couldn’t have asked for more.

My little brother
had looked for me
standing next to his new bride
and new sister for me.

So I got over myself
and cried

for the love that glowed
from him and his bride
and all I felt
was pride.


When My mother brought me home

at the tender age of three.

her kindness shown

even to me.

I learned to love

I learned to sing

I learned I could be anything,                                                                                                                                                     

but what I remember

from that time

is lying next to her

after we had dined.

and after the story

and it turned into night

she would pull out her musicbox

to help me with my fright.

the gentle melody

played so sweet

and would lull me

right to sleep.

When I moved

it was a parting gift

one I still cherish

for excatly what it is.

but over the years

the tune worn down

and the melody faded

as I got kind of jaded

than last week

I had my tv on

and lo and behold

that tune came on

I stopped what I was doing

and stared at the screen

not noticing the tears flowing

like a stream.

I when saw the name of that tune

 I couldn’t see anything else in the room

and now that I have found it.

I want to share

what my mother played for me

when I was young and learning

to trust a family

and have love as my beacon

when i was in fright.

in a strange new house
in the middle of hte night.

So please press play

and enjoy this tune

and remember a lost little girl

and let kindness be your boon.



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