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If you got to know me

I think you would like me.

I always try to do the best I can.


That’s why I don’t understand.

Why I am a stranger

In this land.


Maybe it’s because I don’t know

What was on Jay Leno

And only have 1 purse and 3 shoes.


Is it that I know every player

In the Steeler team?

And what a Safety means?


Is it that I know the bible

But am not a Christian

And still know all the quotes you care to mention?


Is it my tattoos?

My big boobs?

My smile?


What is it about me

That you don’t find worth your time?

Do you honestly think, I don’t mind?


I’m told I’m a marshmallow

That I’m too nice

To stop helping strangers without thinking twice.


That I need a shell

I need to pretend

Stop being honest, it just hurts in the end.


Is that why I have 3 friends?

Who won’t answer the phone when I really need them

They who have known me for years on end.


Am I supposed to change who I am?

Learn to pretend?

Grow a new skin?


I just would really like to know

What it is that offends you so

 Maybe then, I could learn to grow






I have this book from 1804

it’s the Times newspaper

with strange articles that I  adore.


I have bound up tight

newspapers of the first transatlantic Zeppelin flight.

of the first air raid in the us fight.


I have photos of immigrants

coming off ships

Her Majesty’s army

boys with guns on their hip


The first olmypics

Hitler before power

Harry Truman in his finest hour.


I have the Books of Knowledge

from 1942

poetry, science, Art, leaders

nature, plus things to make and do.


Reading the facts from between the two

the facts  changed frame.

and I thought,”This can’t be true!”

History is supposed to stay the same!


When I was a girl

I joined the cities first Girl Choir

I was there at the first,

before they reached Higher.


now international

they sang before the pope

Records from the 1st year

are somehow lost without a hope.


Dairyshow in my county

is a huge affair now.

Guess who was the first

to a big hoopla?

went to state and won 2nd overall?


Last month I requested

something that showed what I did

you know, so I could show my children

I was something as a kid.


They responded back

“Were sorry but you  were not the 1st.

We asked around, because records we lack.

It was some guy named Herst.


I knew what they told me did not track.

How did history change so much in 20 years?

trying to prove things has put me to tears.

I don’t know how to get my own history back.

how messed up is that?


History I feel

isn’t the truth


Oh certain facts are, I am sure

But its like those tales where the tale is true

but the facts have been changed maam,

The rest is just Poo.


I do have some records

that have recorded my past fate

a scholarship to DC

only person to be adopted twice in my state


A letter from the Opera saying I got in

a writing award from Levar Burton

saying, You Win!

Artwork I did that hung in a museum gallery

most of those things fill me with glee.


But if I didn’t have those things anymore

if I couldn’t prove it

would History put someone else’s name

Where mine now sits?


I am not saying History is totally wrong

but I think it needs to learn a new tune

to the song.




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