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I would Like to Introduce Téoni Blot.
New to our world and a very strong Poet. Here is Her piece titled: Life’s Error.

Life’s Error

Spiraling towards the ground
Would be much better, true
You wouldn’t be pulled down
And I couldn’t bother you

You would likely be sad
But only be for just a bit
You’ll forget me soon
A figment that shouldn’t exist

I bring unhappiness and pain
Those are my only true gifts
The joy I bring is so fleeting
A memory forgotten, a short rift

We’re all here for a purpose
To seize opportunities and to create
But I can’t help but to always feel
That I’m the anomaly, the mistake…

Writing by candlelight

Writing here by candlelight
Being soothed on this night
Pen shadows dance
Across the page
As the light flickers away.
Writing here by candlelight
Taking me back to simple delights
Silence except for pen across page
Reminds me of old notebooks
Tucked away
Writing in the dark in childhood days.
Writing here by candlelight
My imagination starts to take flight
Knights are fighting dragons
From the candle shadow light
A forgotten pleasure
That makes the day
Me pen paper and a cup of earl grey
Writing here now by candlelight.
From this I shall take away
A reminder to find a blessing each and every day
I am going to try
And hope you do too
Even if its only writing
By candlelight.

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