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A Little Much.

I was told that i can be a little much
It really hurt but i understand
I try so hard tho
To not demand.

But i always expect people to try n be
Their best.
To not give up or be like the rest
I know i push and advise
Gods only know
I try to stop… i really try!

People don’t always want to know the way
Sometimes all they need is just an ear that day.

But there i go … Once again.
Getting upset because they are lost
And I’m their friend.

I know if they could just see the way
Then everything for them would be ok,
So there I am
holding up a light

Forgetting that we all need
to just cry where we are sometimes
To feel the emotions deep within
We don’t always need to fight.
In order to someday win.

It sucks that im a bit much
But at Least you know that I’m here
when times are tough

I’m still learning too ya know.
Each day is a challenge
Another chance to grow

I just want you to remember
That if you’re in my life..
It’s because you’re special
You have that inner light.

I’m not perfect
As we all know
But my love is real
N we all learn as we go.

M. L. C.


I would Like to Introduce Téoni Blot.
New to our world and a very strong Poet. Here is Her piece titled: Life’s Error.

Life’s Error

Spiraling towards the ground
Would be much better, true
You wouldn’t be pulled down
And I couldn’t bother you

You would likely be sad
But only be for just a bit
You’ll forget me soon
A figment that shouldn’t exist

I bring unhappiness and pain
Those are my only true gifts
The joy I bring is so fleeting
A memory forgotten, a short rift

We’re all here for a purpose
To seize opportunities and to create
But I can’t help but to always feel
That I’m the anomaly, the mistake…

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