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This past month I was knocking on heavens door.
They kept it shut
Said Mia you have to wait some more.
I pounded n begged
Dropped to my knees n plead
Pretty pretty please.
I hurt so bad
N im so sad
All I have are my girls,him
And my dad.
Please let me in
Forgive me all my sins.
Bright lights
Doctors whites
A strong hand gripping mine tight
Pleading with me to be allright
I looked down
Turned around
And stopped knocking on heavens door.


My arm is bruised
“my gosh are you abused”
No, not anymore.
“But you have a black eye!”
yup and it is a silly reason
as to why,
so stop looking at me with dread!
Everything is in your head
No just stop!
I mean it! I wouldn’t lie to you!
You were not there when it WAS true
Now i am just sick
Put down that phone!
I mean it!
“well I think your laying it on
a little thick. Sick? humph!”
I remember the times
I had to hide
behind my hair
or under the stair
but that was a long time ago
It was someone else
I had to fear
not him, do I make myself clear?
You need to know this
and I am sorry but it’s true
My heart is bad now
and there is nothing
anyone can do.
Do not be afraid for me
because I am finally happy
and I am used to bruises now
that appear if I shed a tear.
“But what about him?
He is so big! I am afraid of him!”
Oh silly, he is big this is true
but he can carry me
when I fall without a first clue
He is big enough to hold me
in arms that won’t let go
when my body tries to fail me
and when I walk real slow.
I know I look okay
in fact I do look good
but trust me dear
it’s a facade
a falsehood.
So do not be afraid
of the marks you see on me
all is well in Mialand
so please let it be.

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