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Heart is broken
Shattered like glass
Wouldn’t you know it
Your just another ass.

Stopped trusting long ago
But you would not let me
When I begged you
to let me go

Right now I just no longer care
It’s not like you will still be there
Is it?
I didn’t think so.

Numbed beyond measure
By the violence outside
Who would have thought
I would get taken
For another jacked up

Oh wait !
I know!
That single person who could
Completely relate .

It doesn’t matter anymore
My word is no longer bond
Who can trust a word I say
When it gets twisted from

Years of keeping promises
Wasted at the door
All because I gave my trust
So it could be tossed on the floor.

Heart is broken
Shattered you see.
Do me a favor?
Just stop hurting me.


I would Like to Introduce Téoni Blot.
New to our world and a very strong Poet. Here is Her piece titled: Life’s Error.

Life’s Error

Spiraling towards the ground
Would be much better, true
You wouldn’t be pulled down
And I couldn’t bother you

You would likely be sad
But only be for just a bit
You’ll forget me soon
A figment that shouldn’t exist

I bring unhappiness and pain
Those are my only true gifts
The joy I bring is so fleeting
A memory forgotten, a short rift

We’re all here for a purpose
To seize opportunities and to create
But I can’t help but to always feel
That I’m the anomaly, the mistake…

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