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I know they love me

but they drive me up the wall.

when we  are together

they don’t let me talk at all.

they cut me off mid wordstream

then they wonder why i got mean.

but thats okay

I don’t mind

they say they hate each other

ALL the time

and so I listen now

I don’t peep

because just them talking

is kind of neat.

father and daughter

both are so RIGHT!

I am stoic

but cracking up

on the inside.

I know they love me

but they make me insane

they like to tease me

about my messed up brain.

they do not realize yet

what I do

they aren’t going to have

each other to complain too

she is packing

gone within the year

than what are they going to do

without the others ear?

Oh I know!

they will talk

to me!

oh noooo!




This is it

she is tired of fighting

and even though

i feel like crying

she needs this time of joy.


this is it

she is going to leave us soon

The smile on her face

still fills the room

all I want to do is swoon

in this little time left.


This is it

no more chemo for her

She is so very tired

i have done all i can to help her

now she will go on alone


what do I do

without my mother

without her cherished love


I feel so damn selfish

knowing she will soon

be watching us from above


But this is it

This i must accept

It won’t be long

till I am with her yet


it won’t be long

until I sing to her

our song

and kiss her goodbye.

and tell her

I love you mom

goodbye. goodbye.

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