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If you got to know me

I think you would like me.

I always try to do the best I can.


That’s why I don’t understand.

Why I am a stranger

In this land.


Maybe it’s because I don’t know

What was on Jay Leno

And only have 1 purse and 3 shoes.


Is it that I know every player

In the Steeler team?

And what a Safety means?


Is it that I know the bible

But am not a Christian

And still know all the quotes you care to mention?


Is it my tattoos?

My big boobs?

My smile?


What is it about me

That you don’t find worth your time?

Do you honestly think, I don’t mind?


I’m told I’m a marshmallow

That I’m too nice

To stop helping strangers without thinking twice.


That I need a shell

I need to pretend

Stop being honest, it just hurts in the end.


Is that why I have 3 friends?

Who won’t answer the phone when I really need them

They who have known me for years on end.


Am I supposed to change who I am?

Learn to pretend?

Grow a new skin?


I just would really like to know

What it is that offends you so

 Maybe then, I could learn to grow






For I am a Cat

Guided by the moon

I have 9 lives, Imagine that!

I’ve used up 8

Way to soon

But I keep the faith

 reminded by my Runes

the 1st to remind me

of all I have went through

and know I am Free

The second for Strength

to Stay positive

On Goals.

To keep it all the way

to my soul.

The third is for Joy

To find it while I May

Don’t live for tomorrow

When I have Today.

I have My eye

to remember to see

all the beauty in this world

That is to help guide me.

To remember to see

beyond the face

and know others are hurting

in a different place.


And last I have my Pheonix

Cuz I’ve risen from the dead.

It kick starts the blues

right out of my Head.

So when I’m down

and lonely

I look to my guides.

And remember I am Lucky

To even Be alive.

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