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Thank you so much for This award!

thank you, thank you!

I truly wish to nominate:

Luke prater

Charlie Parant

Craig watson



My girls are wonderful

My girls are neat

My girls drive my cookoo

I’m not sure if that is sweet


One is off at collage

living her own dreams

One is pacing the walls

Now its her turn it

it seams.


One is an artist

of ink and pen

she is so beautiful

Its kind of hard to understand


The other is an artist

of food and cooking pans

She is gorgeous but you will never know

She hides her beauty

under her hands.


but she will leave soon

just like her sister

and than boy

will i miss her!


But they have to live

learn and grow

that is just how it is

you know.


and as their mother

I am so proud

of that

they do not have any doubt


go live girls

go sprout.

that is what life

is all about.






Hello, and happy mother’s day to all mothers out there.

I first wrote this 16 yrs. ago when I was a young single mother of two

“rugrats.” It had gotten published at the time in a small newspaper.

so here is a look at the “sarcastic side” of Mother’s day.

please enjoy.


It’s Mother’s day!

oh no

It’s here again.

Time to call

all my friends

To wish them

a happy day too.

Even if

it might not

come true.

It’s Mother’s day!

soo full of fun

I think I got

too much sun!

A box of chocolates

a flower or two

I think I might

Be getting the flu!

All my chores

still need to be done

isn’t this supposed

to be a day

of fun?

Don’t you see?

Something might be

wrong here!

Thank goodness

it comes

only once a year!

May 1995

Thank you Jingle!