when I was 18, I got on the norplant birthcontrol. For those of you who dont know what it is, its these capsules that they insert in your underarm am its birthcontrol for 5 years.
Well turns out I was allergic to it. I went from 135lbs to 200 in 9months, I bled nonstop n developed hypoglycimia n the worst at the time was my gums started to bleed and I got red streaks up and down my arm.
Thats what finally convinced the docs to take them out. Well it had been a year n the darn things moved around. They were able to take out three, but left two in because of how they moved.
Well I got pregnant. (not suposed to happen)
  Than three weeks later they got the other two out.
Right from the begining I had problems. I ended up on bedrest, which I tried to follow but I had a one n a half year old n a husbsnd in prison for throwing me down a flight of stairs.
Needless to say 6weeks before I was due, my water broke. Come to find out, I had a small tear in my placenta before that n bacteria got in.
They started to induce me but it didnt work. After 14hours both me n my baby were sick.
They had to do an emergancy c-section n I was convulsing the whole time.
My daughter came out sick, small an irregular heartbeat, but strong n alive.
They kept us both in the hospital for two weeks
But we were both finally well enough to go home.

Blessed be my friends