Welcome to My world where truth is beauty and hopes and of course… Dreams.

May you find at least one of those, each and every day.

Explore wherever your heart takes you, and Enjoy.

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Is been a while since you’ve seen me last. 

So many 


Went by so fast.

I Miss you All.

Your voice 

Your Song.

Hope you Stay

Ever strong.


Maybe again 

I shall

Regain mine.

But in the meantime..

I give you my heart

In little bits 

And tiny parts

miss y’all 

so very much!

Please. .

 Drop a line!

I’ll try

Keep in touch!


It is not enough to simply survive.

You must strive to live and love,

Hope and Dream every day

Much Love and Blessings,






 Me. Luna. aka Mia.

“Beauty of whatever kind, invariably excites the human to tears”- Edgar allen poe.


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Be Kind, Loving, and Gentle though out your day,

and you shall lead a blessed life.