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How to Get Over Writer’s Block in Poetry

Every poet (even the most talented) knows that writer’s block is a very real and very frustrating thing.  But no matter how talented you are, there are some days that creep up on us when we are feeling less than inspired, rhythmic, passionate, and just about as far from the creative genius we like to think ourselves to be. 

Luckily—all hope is not lost!  The good news is that there are ways to overcome every poet’s worst enemy and come out on top with the most poetic masterpiece you’ve penned yet.  Here’s how it’s done:

Tip #1:  Write in an inspiring environment.  Did you know that the space where you write can actually have a huge impact on what you write?  To get the most out of your poetic experience, select a positive environment where you feel comfortable being your most creative self.  Avoid distracting atmospheres that don’t encourage hard work.  Also, switching the location from time to time will keep you from getting bored or stuck in the same old routine—if you normally write in the seclusion of your own home mix it up by going to a park, a coffee shop or anywhere you feel inspired.

Tip #2:  Find a topic that strikes your emotions.  When you can’t seem to come up with your best material, stop and think of subjects that play on your emotional chords.  Whether it’s something that you love with a passion or hate with raging intensity, let the topic evoke your deepest emotions and take those emotions to pen and paper.  Also try focusing on something that you find fascinating at that particular moment—maybe it’s a person, a bird or some kind of inanimate object—reflect on it and try connecting whatever subject you choose to how it makes you feel inside.  When you embrace a subject that moves you, the resulting poetry is sure to move others.

Tip #3:  Get organized.  Maybe your room looks like it could be featured on an episode of Hoarders and “organized” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when describing yourself—but when it comes to your poetry, it’s crucial to de-clutter!  To avoid falling into a desperate pit of writer’s block despair that you can’t seem to escape, organize your words after a thorough brainstorming session.  Your words, thoughts and phrases are pieces to a beautiful puzzle so collect them and place them in an order of similar themes, rhymes and other commonalities so that they can easily fit together. 

Tip #4:  Let the words flow.  The key to unleashing your writer’s block is writing freely flowing words coming from within.  Relax and let the passion for the subject take over you as you follow the road your mind takes you down.  When the words come to you (whether they come with a clear direction or not) just write, write and write to your heart’s content.  Now is the time to hone in on your creativity—not to worry about perfect grammar and tone—save that for the editing floor.

Tip #5:  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Any poetic artist knows how frustrating the block can be—however, don’t let this frustration consume you to the point that it hampers you from executing an award-winning poem.  Writer’s block happens to everyone…just breathe, trust that it will pass and arm yourself with these tips so that you’ll be on your way to overcoming it!


Guest post author, Mark Weikel, is an avid writer and shares with us his tips for overcoming writer’s block in poetry.  In addition, Mark also works for Gay Dating Site where he writes about online dating in the gay community. 

Hello All. How I miss all your Poetry!

As most of you know I finished My 2nd book.

Than promtly slept for 6 days.  

I am not back yet, I am going to be spending the next few weeks

In a sanitory enviornment with tubes and hoses. yey… Not.

But hopefully It will make me well enough to Be Back.

and so Tomorrow I will have a guest writing on Writer’s Block!

Tomorrow’s guest is Mark Weikel

I would love to have more quests while I try to get well, so please let me know I would be glad to have you!


I am hoping all of you will be so kind to leave me a poem or a link to a poem

in my comment section. So I can Survive the next few weeks.

(go cell phone technology!)

Hope to be back soon, Love,


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