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Hello All. How I miss all your Poetry!

As most of you know I finished My 2nd book.

Than promtly slept for 6 days.  

I am not back yet, I am going to be spending the next few weeks

In a sanitory enviornment with tubes and hoses. yey… Not.

But hopefully It will make me well enough to Be Back.

and so Tomorrow I will have a guest writing on Writer’s Block!

Tomorrow’s guest is Mark Weikel

I would love to have more quests while I try to get well, so please let me know I would be glad to have you!


I am hoping all of you will be so kind to leave me a poem or a link to a poem

in my comment section. So I can Survive the next few weeks.

(go cell phone technology!)

Hope to be back soon, Love,



my oh my how i hate you
that is why i am so blue
thats not me you see
that so is not me!
what the heck did you make me do?
why oh why do I so hate you?
hate is not just a word for me
I just want to go outside
and yell at a tree.
but hate well its not me

so no yelling at the poor tree

No going and punching you out

no more anger

its making me shout

I will do what is good for me
let the hatred go from what you did to me
I will light a fire
and dance and sing
and I will let
do its thing!

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