Category: Abuse

(Extreme sensitive subject)

I look in the mirror

And heave a sigh.

It’s time girl to stop the lies. 

You can do this 

Youve done it before


You fought each time 

With your all.

They were big

You are small. 


You need to admit

Here and now

That those were not

JUST attacks

At all. 


You need to forgive you

For leaving the others behind

After you were taken away 

After that pinch on your skin. 

You took a big chance

Dont you see?

Those people did not win?

Say it sweetie

i know you can

Look in this mirror and take a stand.


Looking deep in my own eyes

At a ghost in a shell. 

Emmi girl they were going to 

Do much worse then just drug and rape you . You know this of course. 

Stop hating yourself because you escaped.

But for the others there it was already to late. 

10 hours you walked on freezing bare feet. 

Be proud of what you did hun. 

That was a feat. 


I punch the mirror 

It isnt fair!!!

Why oh why did I leave them there?!

Why did I become so lost? 

I couldnt show the cops 

Where those monsters accost?!


Sobbing now

I sink to the ground. 

5 rapes in a little over a year.

5 long screams they chose not to hear. 

Two of those, females held you down. 

Laughing as The others went to town. 

You fought hard each time

And each time you bled

It is time 

Can you accept it yet?

You’ve been through worse 

Then this spell. 

To your feet girl

Let’s give them hell…!



I understand. 

Hey you in that broken glass

Be proud if yourself

The truth

Came out

At last. 


My arm is bruised
“my gosh are you abused”
No, not anymore.
“But you have a black eye!”
yup and it is a silly reason
as to why,
so stop looking at me with dread!
Everything is in your head
No just stop!
I mean it! I wouldn’t lie to you!
You were not there when it WAS true
Now i am just sick
Put down that phone!
I mean it!
“well I think your laying it on
a little thick. Sick? humph!”
I remember the times
I had to hide
behind my hair
or under the stair
but that was a long time ago
It was someone else
I had to fear
not him, do I make myself clear?
You need to know this
and I am sorry but it’s true
My heart is bad now
and there is nothing
anyone can do.
Do not be afraid for me
because I am finally happy
and I am used to bruises now
that appear if I shed a tear.
“But what about him?
He is so big! I am afraid of him!”
Oh silly, he is big this is true
but he can carry me
when I fall without a first clue
He is big enough to hold me
in arms that won’t let go
when my body tries to fail me
and when I walk real slow.
I know I look okay
in fact I do look good
but trust me dear
it’s a facade
a falsehood.
So do not be afraid
of the marks you see on me
all is well in Mialand
so please let it be.

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