Your glass is empty.
I’ll gladly share
if you scoot on over
‎ I’ll sit right there.

What could I have?
what could it be?
Ooh my goodness!
‎ it is whiskey!
Whiskey ?
Ew that cannot be.
keep that stuff
‎away from me!

I don’t like the flavor
this is true
Oh I’m sorry
did I shock you?
I’m so sorry
I don’t like whiskey Boo.

Have you tried it with some ice?
have you tried it with some spice?
‎ whiskey with cinnamon is pretty good!
I don’t like whiskey can’t you get it through your hood?
Have you tried Jack Daniels have you tried Jim Beam?
I bet you haven’t
‎or you’d know what I mean!
Whiskey is risky
so I don’t care!
‎ just stop asking me with all that flare!
How do I get it through to you?
I just don’t like whiskey, boo.
Canadian whiskey just might do
let me get a glass for you
It’s kind of mild a little bit sweet
I bet you’ll like it.
try it and see.
I haven’t tried Jack Daniels nor Jim Beam
‎and I don’t care
‎don’t you see what I mean?

I don’t want it spiced
‎ or with ice
I could care less
to try whiskey twice

I know what I’m saying
‎might be hard to chew
‎but I just don’t like
‎whiskey, Boo.
But you’ve never had whiskey with the right company

you’ve never had whiskey with lil ole me.

Now take my glass
and hold it tight
Those Irish boys
can make it right
Oh my goodness.
This can’t be!
‎ I can’t believe
‎this is whiskey!!

I’ll drink this anytime.
I can’t believe this!
The flavor just blows my mind!

Signal the barkeep
I’ll order us a round
Let’s buy a bottle
and drink tell our heads hit to the ground!

You convinced me
I now know it’s true
‎ I actually DO like whiskey Boo