Screaming tiny bodies

Knocking at my door.

I want to scream; no more,no more!

Feeling their souls as they take last breath.

I’m pleading… “No! not yet!”

Tiny warmth leaving with time.
I pay their toll fees to send them down the line.

The ferry man will take them
Where they need to be.
Until the next
that they can rejoin me.

The underworld is raining
As they scamper ashore.
I want to plead that I send no more.

But I know this is my burden
And also my gift.
To take away their suffering
So they will forget.

She looks up from the darkness.
A small smile on her face.
I have them now my darling girl.
Close your mind away from this place.

The rain falls a bit lighter now
Homage I bestow.
I Pick up my cloak
Grab a smoke
And walk up that old familiar road.