When we first start to fight

we think 

everything is gonna be alright

We havnt realized

how deep our demons hide

We think we are doing good

get more comfy than we should

then our demons come to play

In shock we say no way

They are stronger then we knew

in our depths they grew

Beginning to realize we are wanting them gone

They cling tight 

 say bring it on.

Just hold your breath

don’t give up yet

Take my hand

i’ll help u stand

Grab on to
your closest few

and battle on.

When we first start to deal

We begin to heal

The demons in us cry

I’ll never die!

They will do what they can

To change our plans

They want to always stay

and play
But keep your stand

They’ll- yell and shout

Make us doubt

Try and make us believe

but they deceive

So hold your breath

They are begining to fret

They will make us bleed

But don’t pay heed

Here is a cane and whip

for You to equip

You’ve got this hun

Make them fearful and run.

When they try sneaking back

Conviction they think we lack

They’ll try and force their way back in but hold up your chin

Tou may be shaking in your skin

but know you’ll win.

So grab my hand

I’ll help you stand

Grab on to your worthy few

and carry on.