What would you go though in order to become whole? 

Could you survive the cracking of your soul? 

Would you walk through the fire. 

To be free? 

Fighting your inner most demon

Because only it holds the key?

Can you accept the part of you that you hate? 

In order to free yourself before it’s too late? 

Will you do things over and over that make you sick inside? 

Until finally you become alright? Become alive?

Can you suffer the stares?

The whispers ?

The damage to your name? 

What would you do? 

In order to win the game? 

Hold close those that can 

Aid you. 

That can hold you when you’re blue.

Those will stand beside you

Till the end is almost through

The demon only holds the lock

It doesn’t hold the key. 

Look to you and those you trust

To become whole 

N set yourself free.