Now this girl weary

 She has grown

The farm I grew up on

 now sits alone

The place my father built

with his own two hands. 

All my animals forever gone 

As I drove off my land

 Off in the darkness

 went off Into the night

Now My safety

Forever gone

From sight.

I havnt been touched 

not even to hold my hand 

in so very long u just do not understand

Been dying of something 

so stupid so rare

There is no cure

 only dispair

Just last week 

I lost chunks of hair 

so fucking unfair.

Every friend I ever had

Are gone with the wind 

and I’m sad

So yes I’m alive n I cherish each day

But I’m ready to say fuck all 

And end the day

Too much drama

Over tiny bullshit 

I wanna scream 



Why can’t you be Grateful?

Look around you! My gods! 

Did you even notice the rainbow

As you bitched, you clods? 

I’m sad 

I’m miserable

I’m alone and so afraid

But by the morning sunrise

I’m still grateful for today

Why? Why? Oh don’t you know? 

It was another day I’ve gotten to behold. 

Another day to feel 

To try and live. 

Try and emotionally heal.

Even if it’s not joy

 but pain

Another day I had gotten

 To face myself 

 my name 

 To stand up tall

 And maybe..

  not be ashamed 

I still have hope

I mean I’ve made it this far

I still giggle, laugh, and joke.


Man i miss my car. 

I know you don’t understand

And that’s OK 

But please listen 

Please please just listen to me today? 

Life sucks, you think i dont know?

Hell is all ive ever seemed to know


I don’t wanna stop learning 


Who knows, maybe even

Get a date or omg have sex!

You may look at me 

And think oh hell no.  

But at least i am not weak. 

I still have a long way to go. 

Just try. 

Try it not for me?

Hopefully you’ll find yourself. 

Hopefully You’ll start to let yourself..

Be free