The demon grabs hold again
I try and fail in my sin.

The demon laughs while holding me in place.


I thought I beat you!

I scream in his face. 


I thought I won!

I thought I was free!


“Oh dear child 

you’ll never beat me”


His grasp so hard against my frame

Losing sight ,my breath , my name. 

He picks me up and cradles me tight

I can barely see his face in my dimming sight. 


Reaching up I stroke his face.

Don’t you know i didnt want to fight you in the first place? 


I remember you from when I was small. 

You would pick me up

after a fall.


Brush off my knees 

cuddle me tight

 I knew then i would be alright. 


I don’t know what I did for you to hate me so.  

But I wish you could 

Just let it go. 


I know you wont …

and thats ok

I know In my heart …

that I die today .


 But before you kill me

 I want you to know,

 I have always dearly 

 loved you so. 

Each time we fight

Wither I lose or win

All I want is to rebegin


To that time in the past

Before this hatred that’ll forever last.


Before the fire and the pain

Please tell me ,

did I ever know your name?


My hand drops away 

from his face. 

I surrender myself

 in his embrace


To tired to fight him  

No longer caring if I win 

Giving up. 

Giving in

I lay here fading 

being rocked in his grasp

Giving up my future

Forgetting my past. 




Peace at last. 


From far away I hear these words


“Oh dear child

We’re not through”

“I have never been angry with you”


“It is with love that I draw my blade

I’m trying to save you

Before it’s to late


With love that we battle 

when I let you win

Oh dear child I’m not your sin.


Im doing now 

what I did back then

I dust you off 

wipe the blood from your chin 


I kiss the oweys on your knee 

Just as I did when you were wee.


This time next month 

You’ll have forgotten once again


That I am not your darkness

I am your friend.  


One day we will battle again

 fighting until the bitter end

 Or until you finally see 

Or we are together 




Once again.