You & I

You are lonely
deep inside
Surrounded by people
To be alive

Do you want to be
Just like them?
Hiding it all
Behind a grin
Wouldn’t that wear
Just a little bit thin?

You are tired
of the emptiness you feel
Wishing life
Weren’t so real
Trying to numb things
With a simple pill

You are wondering
How i know
I promise it doesn’t show
So no worries there
No need to go

I am lonely
Every second
Of my life
Lost among those
Pretending to thrive

I do not want
To be like the rest
Hiding myself
Behind a nice dress

But too many days now
I think about maybe
Giving in.
As the emptiness
Wears ever so thin

Thinking about taking
That little pill
To make life
Not so hard
So real

Don’t you see?
I am a bit like you
Held together with wishes
And glue
So next time you feel
That you are adrift at sea
Please take a moment
And remember