I am a protector
A protector of old.
I am a warrior, a healer
I help your story unfold,

My body is bloodied.
My shield worn down.
If you are hurt or need help
I shall lift you up.
I shall carry you
Up from off the ground.

My needs are not important.
My will is yours to own.
Until the light shines back from within your soul
and your true self finally shown

I am a protector.
A warrier of might.
I will help take your pain.
Show you the light.

I have been here.
Since the start of time.
I always shall be looking
watching, protecting thine.

If you cry out in pain or injury
Running to your side is where I shall be.
Helping you to find your self
Your power, your Streangth.
Your enemies before you shall run
Screaming for the Saints.

Until then, you see.
I will always gather you to me.
For in this,
I am Whole.
I am a protector.
Of old.