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(i was told that I needed to share this, tho the content cuts deep. So here I am baring all)

         What do you do?

What do you do
When your child is blue?
What do you say,
When they tell you,
” Mom its okay.

I stopped depending
on you years ago.
Mom don’t cry.
I will take this slow…

Me & my sister
Took care of you
You were asleep
When I had the flu.

She held my hand
And hugged me tight,
When I had nightmares
In the night.

I don’t blame you!

What could you do?
You couldn’t even get
Out of bed!
You didn’t even have
Use of your legs!

Mom, you asked me why.
Yes of course I see you try.
Dont you see?
It’s to late.
Now it’s your turn
To wait.

You are always sick,

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