Everything falls:

When you first spoke to me
I thought how could this be
It was strange
How we were both InSync

I thought Never before
I wanted to run out that door but you wouldn’t let me leave

Why do you care
You know me yet
You’ll run away from me
Like the rest ever have

Why do you stay
there is nothing in your way why do you care
it just isn’t fair

You looked at me and smiled away
You said
How can it be
That you know me
It’s throwing me off
I must learn
At all costs.

I sais why do I feel that you’ve been my dreams
Nothing is as it seems
It’s kind of making me blue
As you know I can’t be with you

Why do you treat me so
don’t you know I’m too low
And that now
Every time I see you
every time I touchyou
everything just falls apart
What is left
of my broken

So why do you stay
You don’t even know me yet
I think you might live to regret
Dont you care about that yet?
that it’s just not fair
Don’t make me feel again
I will drown from within

I said why do you stay
Cant you please go away
Like those that have come before
I’ve watched them all walk out that door
This time I would bleed
For somehow you have become special to me.

You held me close
And told me you were not those
And even though your apart
I have a small part of your heart
You said
Because every time I see you
Every time I touch you
It all falls apart
That part
my heart

I said how could it be
That we’re still so InSync
Aren’t you sick of me yet
Haven’t you started to regret

So why do you care
it just isn’t fair
I no you regret
There’s barely anything left

Because every time I touch you
Every time I see you
Everything just falls
Everything just falls
Everything just falls apart
It’s my heart