(This has been my hardest piece I ever attempted. Took several months of hard work.
I truly hope you enjoy the conclusion

“Proserpina.”My mother began to say. ”
You can stay here forever
We shall never be apart.
Aside from my above time away”

“Or my darling daughter
You can have a new start.
rejoin life above
And find the other half
of your heart.”

” In choosing the second
There is of course a clause
Upon hearing it
The facts might give you pause.”

Persephone then looked over
Out into the night
She sighed heavily
Her expression grim,
Somehow filled with fright.

Hades cleared his throat
And I turned to see him
His profile in the mist
Also looked fairly grim

” My child.” He said
“You have never sinned.
Thus your life can truly re-begin”

“But you have eaten the fruit
From our trees.
Meaning this, Erebus your home
It shall ever be.”

“Every nine years
You shall come home”
Even if you find your love
Or if your still alone.”

“When winter falls
And Demiter cries
You will leave the mortal coil.
Then surely you will horribly die”

” When spring arrives you would then leave with your mother
And spend your first few months
Helping her teach her accolates
Along with your grandmother”

” This choice my dear
only you can make
We will stand behind you
No matter what path you take.”

Hades leaned over
gave me a kiss, a hug
Reached for my mother
Both leaving me to sit…
They to walk the steps above.

How long I sat there thinking
I do not truly know
Feeling my heart sinking
I finally got up to go.

I found them together
Both sitting on the bed
Tears poured from her eyes
As I looked at her in dread

She saw when she looked at me
The truth She could truly see
I wanted to go find my own love
Up In the world above

Father’s look was stoic.
Face almost a glare
I cleared my throat to tell them
But all I could do was stare

Hades countenance gentled
And I ran into his embrace
“I shall miss you so much father!”
I cried, with tears pouring down
My face .

I started feeling dizzy
It was all a bit to much
The last thing I remember
Is feeling their gentle touch.

Rendered flesh of agony wake
Tortured self I start to quake
Dreams together born anew
Shattered no longer
soul takes it Que.

Demons cry out
In wonderous glee.
As the whole of soul,
Come back to me.

Bitter pill taken
The candle starts away
No more tears to follow
The demons get their way

Grotesque agony mends the flesh
As renewed eyes open
I take a breath.