The days past by
They turned into weeks
I learned I had sisters
Scary as can be.

They were simply called
Erinys but not all of them were kin
Their Hair and arms entwined with Serpents ,
They tormented those who
Did unimaginable sin

Victims would call
A curse would be made
Only purifying and atonement
Could their vengeance be slayed.

Robed in black
Whips about their waist
wings shooting out their back
Their countenance the more fierce As blood poured from eyes
Down each horrid face.

The few that were my sisters
My parents did not really say
Just informed me that it would be best to stay out of the Erinys

I was told of half siblings
From both father and mother
I …unfortunately?
Did not meet
Any of the others.

Then one day
As I sat with Persephone
And laughed at a story she told
She reached over grabbed my hands,
She suddenly looked old.

“Proserpina my daughter
Spring cometh at last.
It is time for me to join my mother, winter is now past.”

She bent over and whispered
Down In Cerberus’s ear.
He took off in a flash,
Then he along with Hades
suddenly appeared.

“Proserpina there is something
we must discuss
Your father and me,
we’ve been talking,
And we are so happy
you are here with us.”

” We know you died so young my daughter
A life you barely lived.
We want to offer you a choice
You see
but alone you Must ponder
if you want, what we can give.”

I looked at them,
These fierce-some gods
I said I loved them, then
All I could do was nod.