When you’ve been together so long
That everything is like a well played song
It’s easy to forget. To ignore,
You wonder what it is all for

But the love is deep
Forged through time
The many secrets forever
The two of you do keep.

But when it’s young
Maybe a year or two
Things that started so simple
Seemed so true

Starts to seem like a bad song.
You keep wondering what it is
That you possibly
Did that went so wrong.

Simple requests
That mean the world
Get turned away
Your heart cracks
You become unfurled

You start to push
They turn away
You swear to yourself
They love you anyway

But every day ends in doubt
Do you fall to the floor?
Or do you shout?
Do you demand a change of pace?
Try to find the joy
You felt in the first place?

If it’s damaged this way
There is something really wrong
It’s time to turn away
To play a new song.

They might beg and plead
For another chance.
But you know it’ll always be
the same ole song. Same dance

You are better
than that kind of love
Leaving will one day
be a gift from above .

For in time
You shall see
That love such as that
should never be.

Cherish the good
And remember the bad
For when you are at your darkest
You must remember the fights

Remember how things
Started to go wrong
Remember the sadness
Of feeling hurt for so long

Then one day
You will wake and see
That it’s time to play
A new melody.

(For my cherished friend)