Luna's world of Beauty, Hopes & Dreams


Sometimes I get these feelings

obsessions I can’t control

I get driven to do things

see things

That I do not want to see.

I know we people have what it takes

but life gets us down.

I see light where there should be dark

Is this the way the world runs?

What shall become of all the artists in the sky

and in this world

if we were not possessed?

We are and that is what makes us special

in the eyes of others

We know that we are strange and insane

But that is okay…

i think.

Move with the soul

and the soul will move with you.

Move to the music

that is what I do.

Be at peace

or in conflict

Either way

know yourself

Be yourself

and you shall feel alive

and be true to yourself.

No one else…

Don’t succumb to a moment

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