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There was a time that I thought
I could not move…couldn’t walk..
Couldn’t sing.

I opened my eyes one day,
And breathed…

My eyes were open,
My tounge could move,
I opened my mouth
And screamed…

My eyes saw the truth
For the first time.
My feet already knew the way,
They were just waiting
For the day…

To become unfrozen.

There was a time,
When I thought I couldnt talk,
Could not breathe,
couldn’t walk….

I did something
I thought I would NEVER DO,
I lied to myself to see myself

Being blind, I just couldn’t see,
That I was not blind at all.

All it took,
Was the simple truth,
To open my eyes and…..



(i was nominated for the perfect poet award from the thursday poets rally! I am awed and fully accept my award! Thank you!)

“I would like to nominate for week…

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