When i awoke
There was a man
Tall and dark, Majestic
He did stand

He leaned over
With something in his hand
” This will be painful child.
Do you understand?”

I huddled under the covers
And I shook my head
Was I only dreaming?
Or was I truly dead?

” persephone made this whole.
This is what was ,
your shattered soul.”

“While you we’re sleeping
She slaved away.
Stopping only to check
If you were okay.”

He then shoved that thing inside of me
Sights n sounds take over in glee
I try to struggle, I try to flee


Rendered flesh of agony wake
Tortured self I start to quake
Dreams together born anew
Shattered no longer
soul takes it Que.

Demons cry out
In wonderous glee.
As the whole of soul,
Come back to me.

Bitter pill taken
The candle starts away
No more tears to follow
The demons get their way

Grotesque agony mends the flesh
As renewed eyes open
i take a breath
Cradled in his ivory arm
He sings to me, he spins a yarn

I looked at him
He at me
As we stared
he jumped to his feet.

“Persephone !”
He screamed
As he stared at me

She raced in
His roar filled the sea
” Why do my own eyes
Look back at me?
How can this be”

The Cornu plays the panegyrics
The wreathe weights down the head
I lay there whole and shaking
My heart filled with dread

She looked at me and smiled
Dread fades away
I knew in that moment
All will be okay.

She turned to him and grabbed his hand
” my love, I didn’t know I was pregnant
When I left this land”

“Born in the sunlight
Amongst the grains of sand
She couldn’t return with me
So I left her in the land of man”

“I knew it crush you my love
So I never said a word
Knowing that our daughter
Was stuck in the land above.”

“But now we are together
The three of us at last.
Show her who we are my love
The past is in the past.”

Feeling dizzy,
it was all too much
Last thing I remember is him racing to me
Feeling his gentle touch