Rendered flesh of agony wake
How much more can this poor soul take?
Dreams asunder torn anew
Shattered soul, pieces are few.

Demons cry out
In wonderous glee.
As the remains of soul,
Fly away from me.

Bitter pill swallowed
The candle burnt away
No tears to follow
The demons get their way

Grotesque agony shreds the flesh
As blinded eyes wait for death.
Blood pours down the ivory arm
Hell hounds await to add more harm.

The Cornu plays the panegyrics
The wreathe weights down the head
Please enjoy the offering
of the walking dead.

Pushed along by mighty claws
Soul pieces used in play
Holding tight with bitter teeth
The coin to pave the way.

The River Stixs is calling
The helmsman stands on shore
Charon’s obol needed
To enter never more .

Persephone is calling me
I see her as we go
Standing so majestically
In her long green robe.

The helmsman hands me over
I thank him with a nod
As I stand before her
I begin to sob.

Proserpina , she whispers,
You don’t simply carry my name
Within you,
hides my staff of grain

You are my soul child
I carried you through flame.
I’m so truly sorry
for your life of pain

She wraps her arms around me
And leads me from the shore,
“Come with me, an when you rest
We will talk a little more. ”

We walked to Hades Palace
A hellhound by our side
The palace of Dis
Was quite a sight

Just as we got to the giant door
She stopped me with a look
One that chilled me to the core.

“Daughter mine,
your father does not know.
On this we must go slow.”

“At his table do not eat
He will try and give you a small treat
Give all to this hound at our feet.”

At those words she opened the door
Ushered me in and across the floor
Feeling dizzy, it was all too much
Last thing I remember is her gentle touch.