Eyes flash open
She awakens with a start
She lays there quietly
Listening to the pounding of her heart.

The sheets rustle
As she moves out of bed
She smiles as moonbeams
Dance around her head.

A chill sweeps through her
As bare feet hit wooden floor
She is excited for what she has in store.

Quietly she tiptoes without a creak
After all these years,
She know how to creep.

She stiffles a giggle
As the clock says hello
Pausing in the mainroom
She listens for breathing slow.

All is well and She continues on her way
She stops before the front entryway.
Looking at the door,
She decides upon the window

It opens up with a gentle flow
The night air blows and She knows
Its time.

She climbs out the window to the trellis below
In bare feet still
She goes slow.

To the roof she climbs
And the smile She can not hide
Breaks open wide

Her nightgown swirling
With the night wind
Tomorrow She knows
It’l be time to mend

But tonight?
She is free.

Arms wide
She dives
And is carried by the wind.

The currents sweep her up and away
She knows how to keep her arms
For the most sway.

She flys around her house
Than the block
Down the street she doesn’t stop.

She glides over meadows
Fields and trees
On This flight, her soul feeds.

She laughs in glee
As a nighthawk brushes her knee
And they fly together through the night
Until she notices it is almost light

Home aproaches
To fast, to soon.
It feels like she just left
Her room.

All of a sudden the lawn is THERE!
She tumbles down
And leaves get caught
In her hair.

Back through the window she creeps
And pauses again to listen to her family sleep.
Back into bed she goes
The sheets still rustle
Over her toes.

As the sun begins to rise
She closes her eyes
And falls to sleep
Her secret she keeps

Even with the question asked
” how do leafs keep finding you but not me in the night?
She shakes her head
And laughs in delight.