The air is magic

as you take my hand

twilight birds are serinading

you are my Galahad.


your breath upon my neck

you softly say my name

knees get week

your turning me into a wreck…


caressing my arms

you lick my skin

i turn in your arms

to melt once again.


breathing gets rough

as we go to touch

you tell me i’m beautiful

and tour voice is gruff.


buttons pop

as we sink to the floor

as the clothes come off

wanting, needing,more.


holding my arms down

so i cannot touch

“Naughty girl, you’ll get yours soon enough”


one lick to a nipple

than sits and waits

writhing and squirming as the air hits my skin

arms still pinned, I watch him grin.


a lick here, a lick there

ever so slowly

you lick down my skin

until you find, the hidden peach within.


then there is nothing

but the raged breathing

to let me go, and plunge your hardness within


just when I cant take anymore

you grab me tight

and slide your hard piece of heaven in


arms finally freed

the beast is unleashed

screaming with passion

I get just what I need.


Flipped over now

its my turn to play

and miss nice girl has left for the day


sliding up a wee  bite to  your chin

sliding down a rake upon your skin

back a lick or two

forth sucking you.


I scream

you roar

thats when we realize

its the forest floor

and as we lay there

with leaves sticking within

we look at each other

and grin.