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She walked into the moonlight

In nothing but a shawl

Everything was ready

She was going to end it all


She kneeled on the ground

To prey one last time

Please forgive me she cried

Straight from her heart, not her mind.


Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder

A gentle voice said

“my child why do you want your life to be over?”

“Nothing is bad enough for you to crave to be dead.”


She looked behind her and saw a teenage man

A knife on his hip

A blade in his hand

Why he had them, she could not understand.


Look at you! You are young! She cried

How could you possibly fathom?

The guilt in my heart

Has created a chasm!


I did a most terrible thing

Something like this

You could not glean.


My life is over anyway

For this I need to pay!

Now please, just go away!


He knelt down beside her

And caressed her hair

“It sounded to me like a cry of need

What would I be if I did not heed

Your call?”


“You asked for forgiveness

But you already were

There is no need to do this

To this I swear.”


She started to cry

Than to weep

All of her teardrops landed at his feet


She cried until her tears dried up

She was cradled in his armes

By then it was almost sunup.


“I promise you it will be alright

You have the knowledge to make it right

Look at me now and understand

You have many great works ahead of you

In this wonderful land.”


He stood up and made to go

He smiled at her gently and said

“I have always loved you, you know”


He kissed her hand

And squeezed it tight

And started to walk

toward the emerging light.


And as he did

He started to glow

She covered her eyes as the light

Started to grow


In a flash

He was gone

Disappeared from sight

And then she knew

Whom she had then spent the night

She finally understood

She was going to be alright


She looked up to the sky

And in a whisper she replied

Thank you for everything

I will wait for my time to die


And with a smile

She walked toward her door

The sun shining

She looked forward

to what she had in store.