Thank you baby for this wonderful poem and pics. I miss you too.

Inhale this college Town

By Ashley L.









Wake up
turn over
then look out the window.
It all seems so normal now,
so normal to wake up and turn and look.
So normal to get up and see.
So normal to stumble to the kitchen for coffee or tea.
Breathe in this college town.
The silent sounds still everything.
No one is up in this part of the world.
No one is up in this college town.
But it’s normal now.
So normal to stumble, tea, hear nothing.
Wake, turn, window,
get up, see, tea, hear nothing.
Just breathe. And wait.
Sit. Inhale.
Just sit and wait while hearing nothing
wait for those moments
when small breezes bring a whiff of home through this college town. .
So normal now.
Sit, wait, inhale, hear nothing.
And only in these moments
Does it hit your nose
those small breezes that bring a whiff of home through this college town.
The humidity of desert storms
Mother’s vanilla that sweep off her hair
and the air that’s warm and not sweet.
Sit and inhale.
Sit and inhale.
For those moments of wonderful smells.
Sit, smell, wait.
Wait for those moments of home
that might eventually waft through this college town