I need to work things out and poetry is the only way I can seem to.
no on ehas to read this I just had to get it out. one finger at a time.



Her arms are so gentle

So fragile now

Like a porcelain doll

It’s a wonder

She has gone through it all.

When I was small

They were so strong

She would lift me in the air

and swing me around

without a care


Her hands were tough

but they were not rough

Milk a cow

split wood

sew a button

all before dawn she could

but She cannot now


Her hands are so soft now

I can see her veins

for 20years cancer has been around

Now its about to put her in the ground

but her hands will no longer

be in pain.


Her arms will no longer hold me tight

She is done with the fight

I don’t know how to feel

it doesn’t seem real!

Her arms were so strong

it all seems so wrong!


We both are soon to die

and I just want to cry

will my daughters be like me

and think…

Her Arms