I fell
on my daughters 17 birthday
all I could think was no way
no way.
not today.
I am trying not get on the pot
i really am trying.
or I don’t know
maybe I’m not.
My daughter had to take care of me
on her birthday.
and I just want to say.
it sucks.
Its just her and me
again you see
she’s been up
for over 24 hours
taking care of me.

So I am looking around
for a shining light
knowing its gotta come from within
but i think that maybe
its gone aground.
I’m too tired
I’m growing thin.
maybe its the pain talking
I just don’t know
but I AM the one who should
care for her
taking care of me
how can she grow?
I just don’t know.
I just don’t know..
I just don’t know….