There is a monster in the closet
and another under my bed!
daddy come quick!
and kill them dead!

like knights of old
he comes to my rescue
baseball bat in hand
he clears out the land.


Daddy daddy
but I don’t know how!
I am afraid to try it
What if I fall?

He takes my hand
and puts it on the wheel
It’s okay sweetheart
I am with you still.


Papa papa
what do I do?
He broke my heart
but I love him still.

He hugs me tight
and tells me it’s all right
he wasn’t the one.
I am still young.


Dressed in White
My father hold me tight
he tells me He is proud of me
A bright future
My dad can see.

As he takes my hand
and walks me down the aisle
I tell him I love him
and because of him
I found the greatest man.


To fathers everywhere
you are hero’s to your children
no matter how old we get
We always need you.


Happy Father’s day!

I love you Papa.