Now I know you think
But the other guy and I never went over
That particular brink
Now I have stated that I am lonely before
But it is not my right to ask for more.

You see my man works hard
And is always out of town
So it is hard when he is never around
And before the doctors said I couldn’t work
I was a front desk clerk
And HE was there and talked to me
Next thing I knew we were as close as two friends could be.
We called and texted
And next thing you know
My little ole’ soul went Uh oh.
And I guess his did too
And that’s when everything
Went down the flue
But see went my man comes home
After weeks at a time
As soon as I hear his engine
I am racing out the door
And into his arms before the car door starts to chime
But it is hard being lonely
And I don’t see the other any more
So when I do it hits me to the core.
What can I say?
I shouldn’t ask for more.
But now it is just me most of the time
My daughter comes out of her room
When she has the time
and of course I live in BFE
And that is okay with me.
Blessed be.