Why am I so Naive?
Why do I wear my heart on a sleeve?
Why do I think everyone is good?
Even though I know believing is no good?
Why do I  cry
When someone is mean?
Why do I care
if a stranger yells
causing my stomach
to ring a thousand bells
My daughter tells me
Most people are bad
But if I believed it
I think i would go mad.
So Why am I surprised
when a stranger
tells me I cause drama
when all I was doing
Was to try to stay put of danger?
Can you tell me?
Why I still believe in good?
even when I know
I no longer should?
I have been raped and beaten
and locked in doors
yet my belief in people
never washed upon the shores.
yet here I am
sobbing through my pain
wondering what
this person had to gain
To make me feel so bad!
I am so da*m sad
I can’t even be mad
Than I think
no wonder I have no friends
if everyone is mean in the end?
No Mia Stop this ride!
does anyone know why I hide?
I think I don’t care anymore.