My Daughter will be home Tomorrow!

For the first time in a year I will see my daughter.
I am without words on just how much i have missed her!
She was my best friend in a way. We did everything together.
Granted She is the one who had to really take care of me for many years
So When She decided to stop university online and go campus,
I pushed her out the door. She needed to know just what it is like
NOT having to care for everyone but herself, and She is a Straight A
student at Oregon St. and loving every minute.
I am so afraid that when I see her I am going to just bawl for a while!

3 days with my girl, YEY!

 I was asked to help support The American Cancer Societies Relay event With my Book Promo Video!

        I made a video to promote my book and posted it on facebook

To see if it was a decent Promotion.

I was then contacted and asked If I would allow the use of my video

to help promote The ACS. Cancer Relay being held next month.

I tweeked it a little bit for them, and to help

The first TEN people who donate $50 Through the video link

will get a signed copy of my book.

Here is the Video.

If anyone Who reads this here and decides to donate

at least $25 I will also give a copy of book.

It’s too late for my own mother, but it is not too late to try to help other moms

daughters, sons, fathers, family & friends.

“Just let them know you came from Luna’s world when you donate.”

Well I am off to take my mother to chemo.

Everyone have a wonderful week and I will be reading again soon!

Love & Light,