Thank you Jingle and everyone!

I accept and nominate,

Dragon Ka-Tet


Eclipse of the moon!

When I was five

I was covered in muck

I was helping my dad

replace the engine

in his old Chevy truck.

There was no TV

except for one time a week

It was philosophy and bible study

for little ole me

By seven I could shoot like a pro

from the back of my horse

with a bow and arrow

during the summer

he and I would sleep outside

I then learned the stars and planets

way up in the sky

We built an organ

from small little bits

Soldering micros

 and odd little chips

An Electrician of some renown

I learned early

how to wire things

all over town

I learned to paint

and plumbing too

I even learned how to patch a roof

and clean the potbellied stove flue.

He wasn’t always patient

when I moaned or whined

but he taught me

and he took the time

during the winter

we would all sit by the fire

with popcorn and coco

and listen to books on tape for hours

Sherlock holmes

James Harriet

Anne of green Gables

and the Bible I do admit

He taught me how to make two day sauce

Homemade pizza and bread

Even pineapple wine

homemade ice-cream where I’d fear to tread

Because of Him

I could change out a transmission

Drive stick-shift

write computer code

and have it talk to me with his permission

Because of him

I used to hike and camp

Jump my motorbike

over a home-built ramp

Because of him

I learned to juggle and make maps

walk on stilts

To question things,

To not be a sap.

Because of Him

I learned so much

He is amazing for teaching me

so i could stand on my feet

and not be a crutch.

Because of him

Dedicated to my Papa Jerry Rocco.