I look out my window because I hear a sound
Oh how lovely, rain is coming down!
I put down my book
And run outside.
I stand on a boulder
And let the rain fall on my shoulders.

A few days later
As I go outside
I see a splash of color
From the corner of my eye.

I turn to look
And to my surprise

Green shoots are sprouting
They are starting to show
Everywhere, things are starting to grow.
And then I know.

Spring is here.

Strike up the music!
Light the bonfire
It’s time to celebrate
All the spring flowers!

Blue and red
With orange thrown in
I even see yellow poking in

I hop in my car, pop it into gear.
To go look about, with sudden spring cheer
Storm clouds are coming
I start to see
Yey! More spring colors! I think with glee.

I pull off unto the shoulder
Of the side of the road.
And right on cue
A rainbow
Pops suddenly into view.

And as I look to see where it ends
I start to laugh, and then I grin.
For look and see
Just where my tale ends.