Hello, and happy mother’s day to all mothers out there.

I first wrote this 16 yrs. ago when I was a young single mother of two

“rugrats.” It had gotten published at the time in a small newspaper.

so here is a look at the “sarcastic side” of Mother’s day.

please enjoy.


It’s Mother’s day!

oh no

It’s here again.

Time to call

all my friends

To wish them

a happy day too.

Even if

it might not

come true.

It’s Mother’s day!

soo full of fun

I think I got

too much sun!

A box of chocolates

a flower or two

I think I might

Be getting the flu!

All my chores

still need to be done

isn’t this supposed

to be a day

of fun?

Don’t you see?

Something might be

wrong here!

Thank goodness

it comes

only once a year!

May 1995

Thank you Jingle!



your thought? I would love to know.

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