I wish I could describe the gut wrenching terror

That I feel Right now.

The nausea,

The sweat acroos my brow.



I can stare down knives

stare down tormado’s

One snake by my door

and it’s endless horror.



I’m sitting here shaking

the screaming has finally stopped

curled up in a ball

staring at my laptop



my fear is total

it’s out of control

it has compleatly

filled up my soul.



Phobia’s are pointless

but they are there

if I could control them

they wouldn’t be there.



A four foot snake by my ankle

has me frozen in fright

i couldn’t even move

ee ven if it tried to bite.



I’m not sure

how I made through the door

I think the heavons saved me

for thank I so do thank.



My fingers are still shaking

i’m holding my bear

I don’t know what to say

‘sept the fear is still there.



For this I have no answer

on how to stop the pain

this kind of fear is total

it has no name.



Please forgive me

as i go slightly insane.