For I am a Cat

Guided by the moon

I have 9 lives, Imagine that!

I’ve used up 8

Way to soon

But I keep the faith

 reminded by my Runes

the 1st to remind me

of all I have went through

and know I am Free

The second for Strength

to Stay positive

On Goals.

To keep it all the way

to my soul.

The third is for Joy

To find it while I May

Don’t live for tomorrow

When I have Today.

I have My eye

to remember to see

all the beauty in this world

That is to help guide me.

To remember to see

beyond the face

and know others are hurting

in a different place.


And last I have my Pheonix

Cuz I’ve risen from the dead.

It kick starts the blues

right out of my Head.

So when I’m down

and lonely

I look to my guides.

And remember I am Lucky

To even Be alive.