My Knight

 ( This was first written in 2001 right before my accident, and was published in a magazine.)

A shimmering knight

On a gallant steed

Waiting on hillside far


I spy a shining star

On his banner’s flight.


Through the mists of time so traveled

He has come so far.


We knew each other so long ago

On the night of shooting stars.


Not knowing how far we must travel

Deeds that needed sown

I see him coming

So noble and true


His steed fly’s toward me on swift feet.

As He stops inches from me


A smile on my lips

We have waited centuries

For this long awaited kiss.


My frozen past is over

Together, Life has begun

We travel, toward the sun.


This was written because I used to see him when I was 19 at a store I went to and thought he was cute.

At 25 We met at a store I was running and he asked me out. Only later, did I find out that he was the “cute guy”

from years before.

He had to leave out of state for a while, and so I posted this to remind him that sometimes, waiting is a good thing.

Side note: the drawings above are done by my eldest daughter Ashley, an art student at Oregan U.